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Welcome to kk779.io


MetaMask Instructions

  1. Select Settings > Networks > Add Network
  2. Fill in the boxes with the following:
    Network Name
    KK779 ETH Firewall
    New RPC URL
    Chain ID
    Currency Symbol
    Block Explorer URL (Optional)
  3. Switch to the firewall network. Only switch back to mainnet when you need to give a site you trust the ability to transfer.

That's it! When a transaction gets blocked, it will look like an error but if you mouse-over the error, you will see it was blocked by the firewall.

If you would like instructions from MetaMask, you can look here.

Instructions for Other Wallet

The rpc url should work with any other wallet but the firewall is designed specifically for hot wallets holding ERC-721 NFTs. Any other type such as cold wallets will just introduce unnecessary friction in usability which actually lowers security.

The instructions for other wallets should be fairly similar to MetaMask instructions.

If you have published instructions for other wallets, please let me know so I can review and link to it if you wish.

Potential Upgrades

May or may not be implemented completely dependent on my willpower. Feel free to use any of the ideas to implement your own firewall.

  • Scrape known phishing sites for contracts and block addresses
  • Allow OpenSea, LooksRare, and X2Y2 contracts
  • Community-ran blocklist
  • Customizable user-based firewall
    • Custom RPC Endpoint
    • Adding/Removing additional methods
  • Client-based firewall
  • Flashbot integration Done
  • Eden network integration Done
  • IP address limits
  • Scheduled transactions
  • Gas limit caps
  • Batched requests
  • Transaction bundles
  • Batched calls
  • Batched transaction
  • Instructions on how to make your own firewall